Lake Placid Training Camp

Lake Placid 2018 Training Camp June 7th - 11th

The House(s):

 Beause of its popularity, we have three houses right in town and you can walk between them in five minutes.  Camp talks will rotate so that we will all meet at each house to get to know everyone and cover some important topics.  This will include: 1) nutrition for training and racing, 2)overall race pacing, 3)overall race day strategy, 4)the special needs bags and what to put in them, 5)swim race strategy, 6)the scoop on the new LP bike course and pacing, 7)run pacing, 8) flat tire clinic and 9)how to look awesome while suffering so that your race photos look fabulous!!!



 Four kayak-accompanied swims with coaches on hand to give technique talk and race course info.  



We will be having lead cyclists on the course for the A, B and C riders this year.  The Yellow Bikeway van and the Red Suburban will keep a watchful eye over us and will be set up at 2 location to provide any assistance that may be needed 


Transition runs will be around the lake.  Our big run will be in the LP Marathon and half Marathon on Sunday so sign up for the race here  


We will have breakfast and lunch food available for you to self serve. and dinners are catered in so that the prep on our side is minimal - basically, it's "Heat and Eat".


 We realize that not everyone is doing a 140.6 or a 70.3 Ironman. Some of you are coming to support a friend or loved one. Some are coming to ride your bikes or just coming to have fun at a great price. There is a lot to do including hiking, swimming, cycling or climbing Whiteface we want you to enjoy yourself. Nothing on the schedule is mandatory.   

Get ready for nightly swim relay races from one of the best houses in Lake Placid: Camp Awesome.  

There will be our Second Annual Whiteface Challenge - Eight grueling miles of riding straight uphill and the reward are the beautiful views, a cold beer and the ripping fast ride down!.  

Our camp is to prepare you for your big race and to also ensure that everyone has a great camp experience.


The Coaches:

 We have the best. Leading our staff is John Grieco of Breakthru Coaching. He will be assisted by Melissa Grieco and Karina Alba. We are also lucky to have Gary Walters. Combined, these four coaches have completed over 30 Ironman 140.6 races. 


Half Ironman training plan:

 To help you along on your training, John at Breakthru ( put together a basic half ironman training plan for you to use as a baseline to be sure you're on track - just plug in your race date and it will calculate what you need to do and when.  

 HR Calculator:

 One of the key elements of training is to train SMART.  So to help you do this we also have a heart rate zone calculator to enable you to accurately determine your zones.  It has three levels of precision so plugging in just your age can get you a reasonable starting point. When you determine and plug in your resting heartrate, max heartrate or do lactate threshold testing, it will give you more precision for your cycling and running zones.


Highlights from 2017 Camp:


We had some speedsters in our 2017 camp. The womens overall winner of the Lake Placid Marathon. Two age group winners in the LP Marathon. A Kona qualifier and 5th over all age grouper at IMLP, 8 140.6  and 10 70.3 Ironman finishers.  Congrats to everyone for going the distance!  

  Our Bikeway van support was incredible.  They were everywhere and gave us all encouragement (and food/water) at the perfect times during our cycling training. 

Even with a power outage on Sunday evening The BIKEWAY LAKE PLACID CAMP was unphased and went deep into barbeque mode. We were the only Camp to feed our campers and invite all other campers that were still in Lake Placid. When the town went hungry BIKEWAY deliverd.

 For more information Email us at Also if you are on Facebook please join the Tiorati Triathlete Group.