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COVID-19 Updates

Bikeway - Customers - Safety - Well Being

Clearly this is something we have never had to deal with before. As we all try to make the best decisions for ourselves, our families, and friends, we are doing all we can to keep our stores a place that will continue to help you enjoy the awesome, mind clearing, social distancing, and healthy activity that cycling is. For a portion of our customers, a bicycle is an essential part of daily life, and their only form of transportation - and at this point NYS thinks so too. We did all of our due dillegence with local and state governments to ensure we are in compliance - the Empire State Development was extremely helpful in getting us the details we needed. We take your well being, as well as ours, very seriously.  For others they consider cycling essential for mental health. Either way, bicycles are machines and need service to get you to the grocery store, and the trail.

 We greatly appreciate your patience - we really do, as this is challenging for us all, and your support - which we can not survive without,  as we navigate these uncharted times and continue to evolve to meet your needs.  Here is what we have for you currently: 

Latest Updates: We are open! - Outside Only

  • We are at the stores to do repairs, answer emails, face-time about cool bikes. We can bring stuff outside, and we can chat with fresh air!
  •  We will be asking ALL of our Repair customers to call the store from your car, we will come out to you, give you a claim check, and take your bike. We will follow the same procedure when you pick it up.
  • If you are looking to get a cool new bike, or a necessary accessory, you can shop on this web-site, you can call and talk to us, and you can email us! We will arrange for curbside pickup of your item, or delivery. 
  • We realize all of this makes things more of a challenge, and requires more understanding. Your well being, as well as the staffs well being, and all of our families well being is by far the most important concern we have. Please use our website if possible, schedule repairs for mobile pick up, email me any question any time. We will continue to come up with ways to safely help you with your cycling needs
  • We are wiping down all repairs as the come in, and as they go back to you.
  • Please follow all CDC guidelines, and we greatly appreciate your help as we follow them at the stores.

Mahopac: 845-621-2800

Wappingers: 845-463-7433 

Montgomery: 845-787-4082


Nothing beats the feeling of new bike day. If you're game, we are able to help you pick out the bike you need over a phone or FaceTime call! Our experienced staff would be more than happy to help asses your rider needs based on their past experience and expertise to pair you with your perfect bike.  

Right now we are experiencing a national bike shortage so thank you for your patience as we navigate these interesting times.

Just call us with any questions you may have, or to start bike shopping! The Bikeway Van is out and about and ready to be full of new bikes!

Bicycle Service & Repair - Bikeway Mobile

We're sure most of you will need some service on the bikes you already have during this interesting time. Right now we are experiencing an unusually high volume of repairs - but we are doing our very best to get your bikes back to you in a timely manner. 

For those unable to pay us a visit there is always Bikeway Mobile - but due to high demands it is usually a bit quicker to bring your bike to the store to have us take a look.

As always please call with any questions you may have.