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Group Rides

We think bikes are fantastic! But what's most important is how how much we love riding them. We are here to spread the love!

That's why we have group rides rolling out from all of our stores, with options for any ability level. Theres no better way to gain confidence or speed on your bike than by riding in groups! We're here to make sure you have fun on your bike weather you're trying for the KOM / QOM, looking for some air, or just trying to put a few more miles on your bike than last year.

Overview: By Store! 

If you're new to the group ride scene - fear not! We're here to help you out. Call your local Bikeway, or stop by the store with any questions, and don't be afraid to RIDE WITH US! We're here for you!


Come join use for the legendary Wednesday night ride and some Friday trail rides in Ninham! Ninham has something for everyone!

More info below!


Wappingers is home of our Saturday morning road rides through Dutchess. "There is no better way to start your weekend." 

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Come ride with Craig! No one wants to ride alone! He has a mountain ride leaving the shop Thursday nights and a road ride Saturday morning! 

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Ride Schedule: By Day of the Week!

Wednesday Nights - Mahopac Road Ride

Join us 6 pm Wednesday nights at our Mahopac store for a 25 mile road ride! The ride follows the bike path to 301 in Carmel -  around the reservoir - and then 301 back to the bike path. This ride has regular riders from A to C+ level - or no matter your ability level, we're here for you!

 Call Mahopac with any questions!

Thursday Nights - Montgomery Mtn Ride 

You bet your bottom dollar we have a group ride on the the trails we help maintain! Come ride with Craig at 6 pm on Thursday right from Bikeway West! The ride is about 10 miles and leaves directly from Montgomery's parking lot. This ride is typically a bit faster paced - but as long as you're comfortable with the trails at Stewart and the idea of getting dropped, ride with us! See how long you can hold on each week. 

Call Montgomery with questions!

Friday Nights - Mahopac Mtn Ride

Join us for some good ole' fashion all mountain riding Friday nights at Ninham! The ride rolls out at 6:30 pm from the lower lot. All riding levels are welcome! We can offer both a beginner loop and some typical Ninham riding. (Loops vary depending on the group). Come check out mountain biking! It's great! 

Call Mahopac with any questions!

Saturday Mornings - Wappingers Road Ride

There's no better way to start the weekend than with a ride with George Nasca. Come ride with the staff before we open, ride leaves at 8 am! The ride can spilt into groups ranging from A - D levels. Loops can vary from 20 - 30 miles depending on the speed of the group, but we should be back by 10! These rides are interest and weather dependent so don't forget to call with questions - All riding levels are welcome!

Call Wappingers for more information!

Saturday Mornings - Montgomery Road Ride 

Craig road bikes too! Come join us at Montgomery for a "before we open, pavement ride!" The loop is top secret and up to Craig so please call Montgomery with any questions. However, we can assure you, that the ride is at least set to return before we open! 

Call Montgomery for more information!

Looking for an organized ride? Check out our upcoming events!