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Join us at WhiteFace - June 1st

Join our group as we take on high rocky summits and breathtaking vistas at the Wilmington Whiteface MTB. Part of the Tour of Wilmington Whiteface weekend and a Leadville Trail 100 MTB qualifier (100K only), the race features a fun, challenging course through the scenic Adirondack region in northeastern New York. Where Olympic heroes once skied down the greatest vertical drop east of the Rockies, you will face a decidedly different direction — straight up.

Last year Enrique tackled this challenge and is looking forward to besting his effort this year. It is way more fun with a that's what we have. As of now (Feb 1st) we have nearly a dozen of you, men and women, who are heading up with us for this great event.

For the majority, it's not about the race or where they finish, it's about the effort they will put in to get there, and the accomplishment of crossing the finish line. Pushing yourself, riding with friends, trying new things, that is what we want you to join us for.

We are organizing group training, we have a great indoor session in January which included talks on training and nutrition followed by a indoor bike workout. We will have at least one of these every month - and this is FREE, we want you to have the tools to accomplish your goal and we enjoy being part of it. 

We will have group housing for the event, and of course all the bike support you will ever need from our service team.

Take the leap, put something on your calendar, make it happen!