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Miles for Good

Miles for Good


Miles = Good stuff for others, and You!

We have awesome customers who love to ride their bikes! We wanted to capture that love of getting on your bike and help out the community -something we  and you all are very passionate about.

How it works:  

For every mile you ride from January 1,2018 - November 23rd we will donate 1cent to the Special Olympics of the Hudson Valley! Our Group Goal is 200,000 miles, which would equal a $2,000 donation! 


Submitting your miles can be done two ways:

Strava (best option)- if you are already using Strava, awesome! If not its simple and its free. You just need to join the Bikeway-Bicycles Miles for Good Strava club:

1- Follow this Strava Club Link

2- If you already have a Strava account you can sign in using Email and Password in the fields at the top of the window

3- Click on the Orange Button marked "Join Club" which is halfway down the main page

If you don't have a Strava Account you can click the "Create Account" and after you are finished follow the steps above

Online Form - If  Strava is not an option, you can use this form to submit your miles weekly

Enrollment Requirement  - Please complete this enrollment form to let us know you to be on the lookout for your miles in 2018.

Please also consider letting others know you are part of the Good! You can do this by modifying you Strava profile either when creating your account, or by editing your existing account, please add "- MilesForGood" after your last name. For example "Vic Ruiz-Miles For Good" 


Good Stuff for you Too!

Once you have 100 miles (50 miles for kids under 12) You will be entered in the raffle at our 2018 Holiday Party! Prizes will include:

  Cannondale Bike  - Specialized Bike - Thule Bike Rack - Bikeway Gift Cards

and more to come.....

Our max donation for 2018 is $2,500 - it would be awesome to get to that!

Let's all get out and ride!